c1.fi - secure email

c1.fi is Finland based secure yet standard and GDPR compliant email service.

People exchanging messages with other c1.fi accounts will enjoy increased security since messages are encrypted with strong at rest encryption both on receving and sending end. No third party can read these messages.

With c1.fi you can also effortlessly exchange messages with people who’s email is hosted by other providers. All messages you receive will be encrypted before stored in your inbox in this case as well.

For people who require even higher level of confidentiality and security our webmail app offers the possibility of using PGP based encryption and signing.

Signin-up a c1.fi account is quick and easy. Switch to c1.fi secure email today!


c1.fi is provided to you by Fennosys Oy. Fennosys is A Finland based company with a representative office in Taiwan.

c1.fi is hosted on our own hardware located at Lohja, Finland. The facility is equipped with modern surveillance, access control and backup power systems. Cricital functions are duplicated.

Fennosys aims towards trustworthy and privacy respecting information and communication solutions for people and businesses on multiplanetary scale. Thank you for working with us.

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