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Key features and properties
  • At rest encryption - Each email account has their individual encryption keys
  • 100% self hosted
  • No 3rd party trackers or cookies
  • Confidentiality and compatibility (MECSA report)
  • Supports standard native IMAP/SMTP email apps (K9, Apple Mail, Outlook, Nine, etc)
  • Webmail with integrated PGP
  • Supports using your custom domains (new)
  • Disposable Aliases (new)
How can I create my self an account?

By filling in the sign-up form. Please find a “step by step” guidance video below:

Trial account will provide you with a 30 day free trial period.

Custom domains

In order to use your custom domain with c1.fi, first sing-up a trial account and then subscribe to a suitable Multi-Account Plan. Right after the subscription you can configure your own domain and add email accounts into it.

Disposable aliases

Sometimes it makes sens to use an anonymized alias instead of ones actual email address - For example when subscribing to certain services.

C1 one provides you easy means for creating an managing disposable aliases.

Message secrecy - How does that work?

Only an authenticated email account holder has clear text access into their message data on c1.fi servers.

When a new account is registered, C1.fi creates an individual cryptographic key pair for it. C1.fi will use the account specific public key to encrypt all serverside stored messages before these messages are written into our mass storage.

Interaction with third party email services

C1.fi has a strict DANE policy which aims to ensure TLS encryption for email transmission. C1.fi implements DANE in our public email domains and follows DANE with counterparts who comply with DANE.

For additional security we encourage our clients to use PGP for encrypting and signing their messages. Our webmail app supports PGP as well.

C1.fi implements strict DMARC policy in our public domains which asks the receiving end to reject messages which do not pass SPF or DKIM inspections.


No third party tracking mechanisms are present or used on our web apps. C1.fi will not share or trade your private information with third parties.

Service price - EU
Service price - Outside EU
  • Email: info@c1.fi
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